Friday, August 29, 2008

Breezy is FIVE!! - August 29th

Oh my word - she's SO pretty!! My little Bri is FIVE!! Today was her birthday and OF COURSE her long awaited birthday PARTY!
I made a cake and Bri made her own cake! THIS is hers - I thought she did a great job frosting it! One of the best parts of the day... Bri slept until 10 am and Bella slept until 10:30 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! She looks a little wide eyed because the first picture I took her eyes were closed a little - on the retake I told asked her to open her eyes - AND SHE DID!!
Look how darling - 2 PINK cakes! What more could a FIVE year old girl need?!
For Bri's party we took 12 little girls to Paul Mitchell to have a PAMPER party! Each little girl got her nail and toes painted - and their hair styled! One the stage are the girls getting their toes done - on the tables are the girls getting their nails done! TOO cute! I thought Bailey Kohler might burst with excitement!!
Here's before - notice the girls' FANCY dresses?! They looked cute BEFORE we even started!!
Bri with HER cake - she was SOO proud! She LOVED being the treat girl at kindergarten - handing out her M&M cookies and multicolored licorice!!
Grandma Julie surprised Bri with a pink boquet of flowers and princess balloons!! The crown was Bri's "Queen" crown from kindergarten! And the sign I made - every birthday we need to have a sign!
Each girl got a crown, boa, purse and necklace - they looked SO CUTE! When Bri walked in the room she was the last girl to finish - we were all waiting for her! All the girls just gushed over her - Bri loved EVERY minute!!
Hers the finished product! I wish it was closer so you could see how darling they all looked! There was a fashion show on the stage and they danced to Hannah Montana - complete with lighting and all! I could hardly get them off to open presents!! A little girls' heaven!!
Here's Bri in the action - in her element!! We also brought make-up to put on the girls while they got ready!
Cake anyone?! Check some of the hair - isn't is cute?!
Bri had plenty of help opening presents - the little girls were SO good! I couldn't believe it - not a single drama moment! 12 little girls and not one melt down! When it wasn't their turn they sat and patiently waited! It made it a nice day!
Birthday kisses from Grandma Julie!! We love Grandma!!
I love you sweetheart - SO glad it was a good birthday!! We had WONDERFUL help - THANK YOU Grandma Julie, Grandma Penny, Shauna and Loudie for all you did to help the party be a success!! It was wonderful!!
Top FIVE reasons why I love BRIELLE!!
1. She's FULL OF LIFE!! Spunky - literally cracks me up everyday! She LOVES beautiful things - I bring her home flowers from work about once a week! Sometimes a little sassy, I still die over her!!
2. Bri is my darling - she loves to snuggle and hug! She's a "touchy" girl - nothing makes her happier to then to have her back tickled! She loves to sit on my lap - which makes her baby sister VERY jealous!! She LOVES to kiss and hug! If she ever sleeps with me she has her hand of me the whole night!!
3. Bri knows what she wants and sets high goals. She goes after what she wants - even at a young age! Bri is a leader - she likes to be the one to decide what she and her friends are playing and where they are playing. Little things for now - she decides what she's wearing, how she's wearing her hair... She's the boss at our house!! :)
4. Bri is a GREAT friend - she LOVES her friends. She LOVES to play. First thing in the morning until sundown she wants a friend!! She entertains - tea parties, play dough, picnics - come over she'll entertain YOU!!
5. She's MY sweetie!! Everyday with Bri is a good day! She's always ready for an adventure - she likes to go - loves to see the next party!! I LOVE YOU BRI!! I'm glad everyday I'm your mom, you make MY life exciting!! You are the BEST!!


Zac-ShaunaFamily said...

Happy Birthday! You sure know how to throw a party. Bri came over this morning and said "I can't play right now. I just wanted to show you how cute I look in these glasses." She did look cute!

LACY said...

Happy birthday to both your kids, they are so freaking cute!!

Brad and Genis Barben said...

What fun birthday parties this week! You did good Ness! We sure love Bo and Bri, we feel so lucky to have such fun cousins living so close! We are so excited for Bo to turn 8 and be baptized this weekend, he is such a good boy. I think he thanked us 10 times after going to the lake, he was so cute about it. And that little Bri is so fun and sweet we just love her. Three very darling kids, we are so blessed to be about of such a great family! Sure love you guys!

Laura and her boys! said...

How would it be to have a girl? This party sounds like an absolute blast! Can I come next year? LOL

Jordan and Mandy said...

Happy belated birthday to Bo and Bri! sorry it took so long to wish them a happy birthday, our internet has been having problems. anyways it looks like your family is doing great! Bri looks so pretty in her little princess dress!

Micki said...

Ok, so this little sweetie looks just like you ness!!!!I csn see so many expressions on her face that I have seen on yours! I miss you and we need to get together, I have lots of news. Call me 229-0875, love ya, Micki