Friday, August 8, 2008

End of a great summer!

The greatest part of coming home for my kids is WITHOUT a doubt .... FRIENDS!! They both think they need a friend morning, noon and night! Here's Bri and Kara - Bri had missed her "hot curlers" while we were in PA - our first morning back she HAD to have them. Kara joined in the fun too!
Bo and Josh - enjoying themselves without video games (we had to leave them in PA!) They have been SO darling this week - entertaining each other for hours. Bo pulled out a crayon maker he had never used (a birthday present years ago) - without TV he has gotten creative!
On our second night home we went out to visit Penny and Gordon - Bri wanted Grandma Penny to read her two books she had missed over the summer! Here's Ry and Bri listening to Grandma!
Swimming at the Glauser's pool is one of the best parts of summer - thanx for the invite Gen!! The kids had a BALL!
Two of the GREATEST friends a girl could ask for!!
Bri kept saying, "I missed our couch - I LOVE OUR COUCH!"
On day #1 at home Bo had caught TWO frogs and TWO lizards. We are trying out a new rule: you can only keep animals you catch for one day then you have to let it go. Bo did let them go after a day under our tramp - the next day he caught them again!
We have had more air hockey games played upstairs then I can count!! Here's Quinn and Logan - we are SO lucky to have SUCH darling friends!!
Hard to see... can you see the bruise on Bells cheek? Bella has been OBSESSED with the stairs. She fell down them on day #1! All the way down!!
Everything we use on a daily basis we took to PA in our U-Haul. Most of the things are still there - this particular morning I was missing our toaster as I warmed my bagel in the oven!
Couldn't call the summer complete without a trip to Veyo pool! Here's Bri showing off her dead fish!
4 blondies!
I was SO glad that Julie wanted to go to Veyo pool with me! I looked forward to ALL summer - we enjoyed ourselves SO much we didn't take any pictures the whole day except a few on our way out! Bri was a little fish - stayed with the girls in the pool most of the day! The boys hardly slept - they caught a TON of crawdads by the river!
I'm having all sorts of issues.... couldn't get this one to delete! You get to see it twice! It was supposed to be a picture of Bo holding a crawdad!


Brad and Genis Barben said...

Oh good, tell Bo I got to see his two frogs after all! Way to go Bo-dawg. We have loved having you guys back. I think since you've been back Steele has sneaked out through the garage 2 or 3 times to go see Bo. Steele said the prayer the other night, his first time without help, and he blessed Bo and Mikey...sooo cute! He misses his uncle. Vaness I don't know how you do all that you do and you're still sooo happy! Great example! Love ya, Genis

Brownies said...

so good to see you home, hope all goes well till mike returns, love all the picts the kids are growing like crazy.