Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last few pictures of APX and PA!!

The night before we left for home it was Archie's B-day! Tam had the party at the pool! Here are a few of photos we took that night that I didn't have to blog before I came home!!
It's great to have family close! Here's the "Barben" crew that was out in PA! On the left is Jordan Barben - Mike's first cousin. He and his darling wife Mandy saved our life several times by tending our kids and letting us go out alone! Then comes Jeff, Mike's brother - he has now moved into our apartment with Mike to keep him company while he lives the bachelor life! Then, of course, Mike. And last - if you've followed our blog at all you already know him - Jeriah. Our brother-in-law!
This is MY little brother, Donny. I absolutely LOVED living by him this summer as he lives in Colorado and our family doesn't get to see him much! It was great to have him over for dinner - he's currently going to college and getting straight A's - keep it up bud!!
Mikey and Jeffie -Jeff doesn't appreciate being called that too much! :)
Look at this picture! Bo being thrown in the pool by his uncle Jeriah!
My kids sure love Uncle Jeff - here he is with Bells. He walked her around and entertained her forever!
You know we are obsessed with our under water camera - Bo took this of Bri!
I'll sure miss what the humidity does to Bells hair! Isn't is darling?


Grandma Julie said...

No one is loving the fact that you and Donny were together this summer more than me. Please send me a copy of this picture. AND Jeff were a high school quarterback last time I saw you... where have the years gone??