Friday, October 31, 2008

Pre-Halloween FUN!

I'm such a dud - I never dress up!!! Luckily our kids have Mikey! Here's the fam all dressed up for our ward Halloween party the YM/YW put on! They did a SUPER job!
Any signs of rain and Bri is THILLED to bust out her pink umbrella. It wasn't raining, but Bri still used it! I thought she looked adorable holding it! I also thought her hair turned out cute! We had people ask us if it was wig?! Instead of going to her school's parade she went with us to Bo's parade! I thought it was really sweet of her! They were (of course) at the same time - Mike and I would have had to split up and each go with one of them! It was nice to be able to go as a family!
A few pics of Bo at his parade! Check out the middle photo - it's Bo and his fav teacher Mr. V!! I was thrilled to have the opportunity to go to Bo's Halloween party! I wasn't sure if it would work out with my schedule - I sure appreciate the little things now! I appreciate the time I spend with my family more then ever! The bottom middle picture is a shot of Bo being a "dead soccer player." He begged for his skeleton costume and then told me he just wanted to go as a dead soccer player - I DON'T THINK SO!
Look at my girls!! Bella just kills me with her ears on! Bri was offended when she told her teacher she was going to be "Swiss Ballerina" - her teacher said, "I'm not surprised." That hurt Bri's feelings - that her teacher wasn't surprised?! I'm not sure why?! There's a also some cute pics of Rylee and Bri!! :)
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Braydon Nielsen said...

You kids pic At the top of your blob is so awesome. They are so cute. Well I posted to your blog again ;) Gotta love it. Happy Halloween.

Dana said...

They all look so dang cute! I hope you guys had a great Halloween!

Zac-ShaunaFamily said...

Love the pictures. Thanks again for your help with Ally. Would have been a tough day without you.

Rhiannon said...

My word, you have the cutest little kids! How in the world did you get Bri's hair curled
so cute?!?

LACY said...

love the costumes

Merrill's said...

Cute pictures! Aren't you glad that Halloween is over? I am so tired of dressing up.

Brad and Genis Barben said...

They all looked darling!

Cassie said...

Seriously, I now I have said this before but your kids are SO cute! I just can't get over it.
I love the costumes.
I also love your new background. You are brave to switch it, I am glad you didn't have any problems. I will have to call you next time I switch mine, maybe I will just leave it as polkadots forever!