Sunday, November 2, 2008


We have our routine for Halloween - and it starts at 4 in the afternoon!! First, we go see Grandma Hafen! This is Mike's grandma - 97 years old! We adore her!! We love her so much we named our Bell after her - her name is Vella Ruth and we have BELLA RUTH!
If I can look THIS good and be this SWEET at 97... She's truely an amazing woman! My favorite part of the week is going to visit her! :)
Penny always makes homemade donuts on Halloween - everyone's favorite! Bella really does love Gordon and Penny - I'm not sure why she wasn't happy?!
Family photo op!!
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Schimmy said...

No wonder we never see you out trick or treating. What a fun tradition to go to grandma's neighborhood.

dance luver said...

aka bailey peacock
love your costumes

Jaime said...

Love the hair cut, Vaness! Looks great on you!

AnnDee said...

I wish I were there. It's so fun to be close to family -- I especially love visiting Grandma too -- your family photos are too cute (as always). You probably get sick of saying your kids are cute -- but they really are! :)

Obama isn't that bad -- lets hope he does change some things around here!! It's a big step for our country and for our kids to see him as president. All we can do is support and pray he does what's best for our nation under God. Fingers crossed! Funny story -- Jake asked who I voted for (he went with me to vote) when I told him McCain he said, "but Obama has such a nice voice and speaks so well.."

I love your hair cut too!

Rachel Doyle said...

Cute pics -- your hair is so cute -- I wish I could get mine to look so good.

Laura and her boys! said...

Where are your costumes?