Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bella's Favorite "Chair"

Welcome to Bell's FAVORITE CHAIR in our house - the fridge!! Can you see the joy on her face?! There's no where else she'd rather be then RIGHT HERE in the fridge!!
It's hard to tell her to move - she doesn't know it's the most expensive seat in the house!! :)
Here's the after shot - after we had to shut the fridge door!!
Not a happy girl! Neither Mike nor I like to tell her no - we try to take turns!! (It was Mike's turn this day!!)
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Nate and Laci Werner said...

Hi Ness! I can't believe how big the kids are getting! I still remember Bo as being a baby! How's your family doing? It looks like you stay busy with the kids and all their activities! Hope all is well.

Laura and her boys! said...

My boys went through the same thing! Isn't it so funny? I tried to tell them it let all the cold out, but they didn't seem to care. Kids?!?!?

Grandma Julie said...

So.... should I send a fridge for Christmas...ha ha just kidding. Hugs to you Bella...