Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mommy/Daughter Date

Well, you know I JUST die over our neighborhood and the great gals who live here! Tonight several of us took our girls on a mommy/daughter date t0 see HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3!!
(I forgot to flip this picture before I attached it!!!) Bri was SOOOO excited all week - not as much about the movie as about our DATE!! It made me realize we should do it more often! She's such a treat to go with - seriously just like being with one of my girl friends!
Bri stewed over what to wear - and how we should do her hair for the special night! In the end she bagged her HSM shirt...
All the girls went up on the top row in the theater - Bri's BIG idea! Once they all got up there Bri came back to sit by me because she "couldn't hear over all the talking!" Notice Kara and Bri are sharing a seat?! TOO CUTE!! By the end they were all dancing to the music! It was a darling little show! :)
*Today I accidentally brushed Bri's teeth with the "hot"toothpaste (no, I usually don't brush her teeth) - I apologized when I realized my mistake. Bri said, "Mom, are you BLIND or something?"
*Yesterday in dance Bri had to wear the wrong leotard because hers was dirty... I heard her tell her teacher, "I had to wear this leotard because my other one is JUST FILTHY!!"
*In parent-teacher conference Bri's teacher told me Bri was right on in her academics, but she was worried because Bri seems to be really into her appearance AND she doesn't like to get dirty! - They just all come with their own personalities! I just DIE over Bri - the girl seriously cracks me up everyday! She definitely has a mind of her own, but that's what is SO dang cute about her!!
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Laura and her boys! said...

Too cute! I would love to have a mommy/daughter date. I had a mommy/son one the other day with Peyton, and it was so nice to just hang out and talk with him. Good for you! And I still need to see this movie!

about us said...

She is awesome! How fun to have a date with your daughter...I can't wait until mine is old enough for that kind of stuff.

Aleisha said...

How fun!!! I love doing things like that with my little girl.

Schimmy said...

How fun! Trinity has been asking all week if we can go see this movie.