Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bells and Jayca

Check out Bells spoon! She ate a whole thing a baby food with this toy that Bo won on BINGO at Grandma Penny's! Can you see how her high chair is on the counter? She likes to be in the action - we have another high chair (not portable) she doesn't like as well!
One of my favorite things in life - Gerber Graduates! Bell loves them - they are ready to go - I can carry them with me - and each one has meat and veggies in it - and they are easy to save if she doesn't finish it!! Notice the horse on her tray - she loves horses and dogs. She learned the "sign" for horse; when we pull out of our neighborhood we pass a bunch of horses! It never gets old for Bells - she DIES over them!!
Getting two one year olds to look and smile is IMPOSSIBLE!! Look how darling - my niece, Jaysa and Bells! Gen bought these dresses for the girls! We tend Jaysa and Steele on Tuesdays so Gen can help at school! They are SO easy to watch - we sure do enjoy having them!
I wish Bell would leave a bow in her hair - I think they look SO cute! She doesn't like accessories - pulls out her earrings, wears a headband for a couple minutes....
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