Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cute Barben Kids

Mike: "Bri, did you know Barack Obama is our new president?"
Bri: "The Barack Obama who lies?"
Mike: PAUSE... "No, this is a different Obama..."
Bri: "OH GOOD! I wouldn't want the Barack Obama who lies to be our president!"
(What do you do? I don't want my FIVE year old to worry about the future of our country!?)

Later the same day....
Bo: "I heard that President Obama is going to do a lot of bad things to our country. I heard that we are going to have to go to school on Saturday's now!"
(This is about as bad as you can get for a second grader!)


Check out this bear... This bear brought tears to my eyes! Bo came home last week with this bear from the "school store." They earn "patriot bucks" for doing good things; they save them and then buy fun things at the "store." Bo has been saving since the first of the year and had earned 170 bucks! Guess what he bought? $100 bucks went to this bear for HIS SISTER BRIELLE!!
He couldn't wait to give it to her. He said, "I hope she likes it SO much she sleeps with it every night!" Thank heavens - IT WAS MONEY WELL SPENT! Bri has LOVED it!! She DOES sleep with it every night - even Bell carries it around with her! Bri has been so gracious and appreciative! I'm a proud mom!!
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Kelsi said...

What a sweet brother to get his sister that bear! How tender and special! You have the cutest kids!

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Aleisha said...

Your kids are so cute!!! I had to reassure my 9 year old about Obama too. I totally get that!

Julie said...

Bo is sooo cute to get Bri that bear. I don't think that would even cross Connor's mind. What a good kid. I will have to tell you what Connor said about Barack Obama being the new President. It is not something I should write about in my blog. :)

Braydon Nielsen said...

Holy Cow, for a minute, I thought that Barack Obama was one of your kids!!! LOL :) jk we was under the heading cute barben kids. Love the stories. I am glad that your looking at the positives, No i heard school was going to be sat and Sun LOl :) Awesome stories!!! Gotta love them. Cute kids Vanessa!!

Zac-ShaunaFamily said...

Josh told me the school on Saturday story too. Sounds good to me! When can they start. Tomorrow would be good since Zac is gone.

Grandma Julie said...

Oh have the biggest heart. How very sweet of you to think of others. I hope it is a quality that you have forever. Many times others can get their feelings hurt...or feel left out...or they can be afraid to sleep without a snuggly bear. Then, it is good to have a Bo in their life. Hey did you see the Bronco's?? I love you Bo.

steveandsteph said...

That's awesome. What a sweet boy. Aren't you glad you documented this little moment in time? So great!

Jaime said...

You're kids are so cute, they have the best comments!

Bret and Jake said...

that was so thought full of bo to save that much of his "patriot bucks" just to buy bri a teddy beat i thought that was so cool of you bo

from, Bret

Schimmy said...

That is the best big brother anyone could ask for. you have the best kids.

Cassie said...

Seriously, that is the sweetest thing! You are a great mom.

Braydon Nielsen said...

Vanessa, we are going private with our blog. Please your your email on our blog so we can add ya to the list. thanks

Laura and her boys! said...

What a great brother! And the Obama stuff cracks me up. Tayler, my 12 year-old, has been saying the same thing about school. He also says that we are getting bombed the minute he gets into office! Hello, kids will believe anything!

Erin said...

That is really cute - you should be proud. Bo is so sweet. And I loved the Obama stuff. Ha ha