Thursday, November 20, 2008

Parent Day

Once a year the parents are able to come into ballet for "Parent day!!" I look forward to it every year... This year, however, I had to work the night before and night after - it looked like I may have to miss PARENT DAY!!? Instead, I woke up and went after 2 hours of sleep! Bri did not disappoint - it was well worth my sleep interruption!
Our favorite part about Tuesday is going to visit Grandma Hafen - it's the reason we take dance on the other side of town! It was SO sweet... Grandma Hafen AND Grandma Penny came to Parent Day! Bri was thrilled to have her grandma's there!!
Bri is a natural ballerina - she already walks on her tip toes and points her toes without even trying! She is flexible as can be! Of course I am a bias opinion, but she was WONDERFUL! I'm SO proud! I don't think you can go wrong with a whole room of PINK! We've been very happy with Westside - Mrs. Sheila is SO good to Bri! I hope Bri wants to keep on dancing for a very long time!
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Mom - this is for you!!


The Johnson's said...

I'm living the life of a ballet mom too! Eisabeth is in love with ballet, I drive her across town 3 times a week. Bri was darling in her leotard, it's cute how they all match.

Braydon Nielsen said...

Vanessa, sometimes some of our best rewards as a parents come form scarficed sleep or in other words sleep You such an awesome mom, way to go!! she just adores you!!! Nice pics!!!

The Phillips said...

Hi, from the middle of nowhere. Isn't Shelia great, she taught me, too bad Kia was not into the girl stuff.

Grandma Julie said...

Bri, oh my what a sweet is in your blood with many dancers in your past, your mom, your grandma Julie and great grandma Helen too. We are all proud of you sweet girl. I hope you dance...for the rest of your life.

Laura and her boys! said...

Oh to have a girl in the family! SSSIIIGGGHHH!