Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

We were 15 minutes late to church getting this shot!! Will I be struck down for saying this?! TOTALLY WORTH IT! Don't they all look DARLING!?

Funny, before I had a kid this age I didn't think they were very cute... I called it the "awkward stage" - I remember when I went through it! Now that I'm a mom of an 8 year old I think it's the cutest age EVER! Bo is such a helpful, WONDERFUL boy! I've never seen a more handsome kid!
This was the first day I did "flips" in Bells hair. She's pretty tolerant of the "hair thing" - I just LOVE doing it! It's SO curly and cute! Bell never calls Mike "dad" - only "daddy!" I LOVE it! (By the way - I'm "mama" not "mom"!)
I got more pictures of Bri then anyone! She LOVES to be in front of the camera! Bri is SO helpful - she enjoys cleaning right along side me! She amazes me with Bell and how helpful and patient she is with her! She just cracks me up everyday!
Usually this is our Christmas card picture - in front of the tree! (Thanx for the photography skills Gen!!) I just couldn't go a year without this picture! I'm glad I did because our tree is now DOWN - along with the rest of our inside Christmas decor!
HO!HO!HO! This year Mike dressed up like SANTA and went to Bo and Bri's Christmas parties! Bo loves him to come - he likes to keep it a secret and is really cute about acting surprised! He's always proud to have his dad come to his class! We sure think the world of Bo's teacher - Mrs. Guy! She took a turn sitting on Santa's lap! I was SO glad to be able to help with Bo's party - a great day of pancakes and "The Polar Express!"

Bri wasn't sure if she wanted Mike to come or not!? She didn't want him to say, "Well, what's your name little girl?" OR, "Come here Bri and give me a kiss." She just wanted her "principal to dress up and come in!" Well, turns out her teacher wanted Mikey! So, Mike came - didn't give Bri one bit more attention then the other kids and all was well! Bri's good friend told her mom, "Someones dad came into our class dressed like Santa today!" Bri didn't even tell her?! Funny girl!
Bo has started Washington City Basketball! What a treat! Of course Mike is the coach - thanx to Bo's request! He has made about 5 baskets - we are always SO proud of him and his efforts to always improve and get better at whatever he does! Gordon and Penny are SO good to support us in all our activities!
Seriously?! When Bell was "eating" her yogurt - this is what I found... It rubbed in her hair! HONESTLY! I sprayed her off under the kitchen sink and then two seconds later she pulled out ALL the wet wipes out of the container! She's obsessed with our cell phones - one of the things she's not supposed to play with! She rips pages out of books and colors on the walls! I don't know where she came from - I promise our first two didn't do this!?

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Cassie said...

That little Bell is too cute to get mad at.
Your family is darling.
Looks like I have missed a lot on your blog lately. I need to get back into blogging.
Your ward party did sound really fun.

Zac-ShaunaFamily said...

I needed that picture of Bella right now. Thanks. If I hear one more comment how awful (well not that exact term) Ally is and what such good babies Brooke and Lauren are am I packing up and coming home. Sure miss you. Glad you had a great Christmas.

Erin said...

I've always thought little boys Bo's age are so cute. They are starting to become really cute - in not a baby way - but they are still sweet and love their moms. To me they seem awkward at 13!

Erin said...

I take that back a little bit. Lots of 8 year old boys get the forced silliness that makes other people annoyed. But I don't think Bo's like that.

Micki said...

Darling kids!!! Bri looks just like you ness.Just cherish these days, they go by fast.

Aleisha said...

CUTE! I love the pictures of all the kids. It was definately worth it!

Laura and her boys! said...

Dylan did some things the others never did either. I sometimes wonder if they are whispering in his ear. He went through the coloring all over phase as well. Walls, doors, clothes, etc. My house still has scars from this one!