Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crazy Hair Day!!

Crazy Hair Day!!
I'm sure you can't tell that it was crazy hair day at Bo's school?! I was THRILLED with how awesome it turned out - WE OWE A HUGE THANX TO ZAC FOR THE PAINT JOB!! All I did was the spike - all the color is thanx to our GREAT neighbors! Josh and Bo have opposite colors - look at Lins' pony sticking up! SOOOO CUTE!!
HAD to get a pic of my kiddos out in the snow! They went out to play - Bo lasted for hours - Bri was back inside after about 10 minutes!
Round #2 on the outside adventure! This was after bath time - back out to build a snowman in case the snow didn't last (who knew it would snow all night?!) Who knew we would have THREE snow men in our yard the next day!? This particular snow man was across the street and Shauna and Zac's! VERY CUTE! The kids we in HEAVEN!!
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Laura and her boys! said...

Great hair!!!! I love it!

My kids had a blast in the snow! They lasted forever. I felt so bad that night that I went and bought them all waterproof gloves the next morning!