Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Ho! Ho! Ho!!
So, it was Bella's first encounter with Santa last week at Bo's school! Needless to say, she wasn't happy even with the candy cane he gave her! The Santa was DARLING - Bo has said a couple of times that he thinks THIS Santa was the REAL Santa! :)
Bri hasn't really been too specific about what she wants for Christmas this year... There's not really ONE thing she keeps asking for?! When we met Santa she asked for a Barbie laptop - didn't have to think about it or anything! Too bad that Santa thinks she has finished her last minute shopping?! I think we are going to pass on the laptop this year! Funny thing, she hasn't mentioned it since?! What a NUT!

For the last 3 years our ward has had the opportunity (thanks to people who think WAY in advance) of being a part of the live nativity at Tuachan! What a great opportunity for our family to be included this year! (Thank you Penny for watching our Bell's so we could be with our BIG kids!)
The HOTTEST sheppard I've ever seen!! (Just a side note... Look at my left eyebrow... Right before I was supposed to leave I hit my eye with the car door and split it right open! Good thing I had a couple steri strips at home - they did a FINE job! I'm now good as new!)
Mike and Bo were sheppard's - Bri and I were angels! It was COLD, but I was proud of the little angels (they really were) - they didn't complain once! We missed our entry one time because we were all bundled in blankets - OOPS!! It was really neat to be part of such a special holiday tradition for so many people! Just a great reminder of what really matters this time of year! The Savior and family!! :)
(Slaughtered the spelling on that one!)
I usually wouldn't blog about our ward Christmas party, but this year it really was exceptional! It was a Hawaiian party! We were supposed to dress up! Here we are - looking like Hawaiian tourists! My mom bought Mike this shirt about 7 years ago - any chance he gets he busts it out! He LOVES it!! The food, entertainment and decorations were INCREDIBLE!! Great job Gen!!
Impressive Dinner
Bri was cracking me up - she kept calling our progressive dinner this year - impressive dinner! I guess either one fits?! It was impressive - all the food was YUMMY (except my salad had WAY too many onions in it!) This is a tradition we do with the Barben's. We go from house to house - this way we can see each other's Christmas decor! It's something we all look forward to every year!
Here we are at our house! I think sometimes our most special memories we take advantage of - we don't think about taking pictures of the things we are used to doing! Looking back, years from now I KNOW our progressive dinner's will one part of Christmas that will bring FUN memories! (We SURE missed Tam and Jeriah this year! :( But, we were HAPPY to have Hol and Ry make the journey!
The Nutcracker
When I was a little girl one of my favorite memories was going to the Nutcracker with my mom in Denver! I always got a new dress - we went out to eat - and I was in HEAVEN! I remember watching the ballerina's - I always wanted to grow out my bangs so I could look like them! Well, I have wanted to carry that on with my Bri - one day I hope she'll want to be in it, but we'll see!
This year Shauna and I took our girls and we were thrilled that Grandma Penny came too!! Bri's dance school put it on! I was surprised at what a SUPER job they did! It really was professional! The costumes and sets were sensational! Our girls all got Clara doll's - can you see the Nutcracker Clara is holding?! It warmed my heart to look down the aisle and see these 3 girls intently watching clutching their Clara dolls!!
After the Nutcracker we bought back stage passes! MONEY WELL SPENT!! We were able to see the set and meet the dancers. The girls slid down the slide (used in the play), got candy bags, read a story and saw the gorgeous costumes! SO much work went in to it! I was thrilled to be able to take my girl! I hope she always wants to go with me!! During the ballet I said out loud, "I LOVE THIS !!" What a great tradition!

Quick story from Bo...
So, last night (when I heard about the snow day) I called home from work - here's the conversation!
Mom: "Bo, I might need you to babysit for me in the morning while I sleep a little."
Bo: "How much will you pay me?"
Mom: "I was thinking $2 an hour."
Bo: "That's a rip off - - - FOR YOU! That's a lot of money!"
Mom: "Well, you're worth it!"
Bo: "Who am I babysitting?"
Mom: "Bella and Bri."
Bo: "Oh, Mom! Those kids are a pain to watch!"
Needless to say, I was able to get "uncle Brenty" to tend! My kids LOVED it! They build a snow man and had a ball! Brenty even changed a poopy diaper! I was VERY thankful for my 3 1/2 hours of sleep - felt like an eternity! THANK YOU BRENTY! YOU SAVED THE DAY!
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Rhiannon said...

I love the Nutcracker, the snow, the Christmas lights . . . well everything about Christmas! I'm so jealous you your fam being part of the live nativity, so fun! Your kids are darling!

Zac-ShaunaFamily said...

Glad to be a part of, well, almost all those things. Good times, good memories, great friends.

The Andrews said...

What an adorable family! I can't wait to browse through your blog when I have a little more time--it looks way fun! Jaime Mitchell told me that you know someone that knows the company that can print and bind a BLOG into a book (does this make any sense???) If you know how I can have it done do you mind sending the information my way. Feel free to leave a comment on our blog. Thanks a ton! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!
Amy (Atkin) Andrews

Aleisha said...

That is so neat to do the Nativity. How cool.

Laura and her boys! said...

That is the real Santa! He works at my school on his days off at the toy factory. Every time my boys come to the school, he gives them a candy can and asks if they've been naughty or nice, so you just let Bo know that. Peyton tells anyone who tries to tell him differently that they are crazy because he has met the REAL SANTA!

Laura and her boys! said...

We love the Tuachan nativity as well, but we just watch. That's cool that you got to perform!

Laura and her boys! said...

BTW, I just posted, but your update says that it's been two weeks. What's up with that?

Braydon Nielsen said...

Holy cow, Your like the blogging queen. Each time i come back I have to reAD ALL the awesome experiences that you guys have, way cool/../ Guess what, I am waiting to hear about another Barben Blast to Cancun, Ouch I have to cover while yall play, who got the better end, LOL Merry Christmas...

steveandsteph said...

You guys have been busy, busy! I remember we froze our little keisters off the last time we tried to brave the live nativity. Looks like you're much braver than we! Anyway, I am glad you're all still having a "Barben Blast!" Fun stuff to read!