Saturday, January 31, 2009

BUSY girl!!

Bella keeps us all VERY BUSY! She is going every minute! Here she is riding her "bike" as she calls it - Bo and Bri have "bikes" so Bell needs one too!She bawls for Ally every day! I'll record her saying it! It's SO cute - "Allllly" - she rolls the "L"!! They are really cute little friends!
Aaaaaahhhhhh! I'm going to beat her if she colors on my walls one more time! Bo and Bri never once colored on the walls - Bella does at least every other day! :( Now I just give her a wet cloth and she wipes it off - I do tell her No-No! but evidently not forcefully enough!? As I type this she is ruining some chap-stick! One her favorite words and favorite "toys!" SHE IS BUSY!


Laura and her boys! said...

Dylan was the same way! My other boys never colored on walls, but Dylan colored everywhere. I still haven't been able to get some of it off! She will grow out of it though if that is any consolation;)