Tuesday, February 3, 2009


One of the BEST part of our week is our weekly trip to see Grandma Hafen! WE LOVE HER! I love my girls having the opportunity to be around her sweet spirit - I learn SO much from her! I'm grateful we live close enough to be able to see her weekly! She is an amazing person!
Bri is so kind and sweet to Grandma! Bri takes ballet in Santa Clara to ensure our time with our Grandma!
BRI CAN READ!! She is doing amazing! I'm SO proud of her! She is learning to sound out and she gets SO excited when she gets a word right! We both get excited when she gets home to see what book she has to read!
This book was about NYC - she loved reading it because many of the places she has been! Keep up the good work sweetheart!
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Laura and her boys! said...

Grannies are so awesome. I wish I lived closer to mine!

Lacey said...

You're such a great granddaughter!!

And how can you resist that sweet face when Belle writes on the walls..it's so sweet and innocent!

BTW, that family pic in your header is the cutest picture!! LOVE IT!!