Saturday, January 31, 2009

GOOOO Rockets!!

Bo got his Bobcat this past week in cub scouts! He was SO excited! He worked hard memorizing and passing things off with Mike! I was THRILLED for him! We have put his new patch on his shirt - the highlight of Bo's week! :)Bo just finished his basketball season with Washinton City! The Barben's came to support him - he LOVES having family there to cheer him on! He doesn't disappoint - he is a little hustler!
You couldn't ask for a better coach! We LOVE this guy!
Here he is with his best friend and our favorite neighbor, Josh! They are two years apart, but just the cutest friends! I LOVE having Josh over - he's SUCH a darling boy and a great influence for BO!The WHOLE team! Mike was the head coach and Rob assisted him! Mike is AMAZING with the boys and really gives them a LOVE for the sport and a passion for playing! He had drills the boys started out each game with - he wanted each boy to score and did everything he could to ensure they did! It's FUN to see Bo and Mike on the court together - Mike is awesome to always help with coaching - I LOVE having him and so does Bo!
Mike says that Bo is the next John Stockton! He was INCREDIBLE at assists and steals! Anytime the ball is loose he's diving for it! He is a TOUGH player! He also did great scoring - one game he got 5 baskets! I LOVE watching him play! I never missed a game (except when we were in Cancun) - it I worked the night before I would wake up to be there! He is SO fun to watch - I'm very proud of how hard he works to reach his goals! I LOVE you Bodie! Always go after what you want - you are AWESOME!


Grandma Julie said...

YEAH Bo!!! I can see you hustling in the picture. I am so happy to see you getting your Scout awards too!! I remember the day we got your Scout book !!! I sure do love you and I hope to see you soon. Grandma Julie