Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eating butter and riding the 4-wheeler!!

Here at the Barben's we try to encourage VERY healthy eating habits! Here's our little Bell chowing down a stick of butter...
Literally just taking big 'ole bites out of it! NO - of course I didn't let her eat the whole thing! :) Just a few yummy bites!
Bo is begging at least on a daily basis to take his sisters for a 4-wheeler ride - especially Bell LOVES it! She bawls when Bo leaves and doesn't take her along! I swear - that girl thinks she is 12 - not 1 1/2!
We DO have helmets - they just aren't pictured here! In fact, Bo LOVES his helmet - never an issue to get him to wear it! He's SO patient with Bell - he just dotes over her and she ADORES him! I LOVE having a boy for my oldest! :) He has ridden and ridden our 4-wheeler - it's one the best purchases we have ever made! He takes it even when he just goes to a friend's house to play!!
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Grandma Julie said...

O how fun... Sweet Bo and his motorcycle mama's!! Love the long hair on Bella and Bri is getting bigger by the day. I love you ALL... Grandma Julie

Courtney said...

That butter story is awesome. When Justin was little (12ish) and would babysit his little sisters he would give them sticks of butter to eat to keep them occupied.