Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life in Mexico!

We were SO glad to have Kyla and Jordan to pal around with! They are such a darling couple! We all wanted to do some shopping . This was called "28th street" - it was shop after shop! Every Mexican souvenir you could want!Mike couldn't possibly go to Mexico without getting a fish taco! I thought it was SO good I got one too!
On our shopping day we rented a Moped to cruise around on! We were shocked how CHEAP stuff was - $17 for 24 hours! Transportation was all CHEAP - the bus was only $.65 anywhere you wanted to go! The drivers there are a little NUTS - but Mike did a great job driving!
It was funny - as were driving the "road kill" was dead lizards! They are all over - big iguanas! I thought of Bo every time we saw one! Here we are! What a FUN adventure!
The night life is a lot like Vegas! Lots of clubs and bars! The only difference was - most of the clubs don't have walls or windows! The clubs are outdoors - you can see right in!
We went in Senior Frogs - it was interesting... People drinks shots upside down - one of the waiters kissed me and I let out a little YELL! CRAZY! Anything goes down there! We were honestly just SO glad to be together we didn't care what we did!
This was out on a little broken down pier one night! The moon was out - the weather was SO perfect you don't even need a sweater! Not too hot in the day or too cold at night! We kept our door open every night so we could hear the ocean and feel the breeze!

Check out this dinner - Mike's manager's boss - Eric - took out for seafood one night! This was Mike and my dinner! Lobster, fillet minion and shrimp!!
I couldn't talk about dinner without this... Look at these shrimp! THEY HAVE EYE BALLS!! They were YUMMY, but even I was a little disgusted! Justin was tasting his first shrimp - Mike told him to pull off the head. When he did blood came shooting out and almost landed on Jess! She was horrified - so was Justin! Mike and I about died laughing!!
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