Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Mike and I were lucky enough to be parent helpers at Bo's Valentine's party this year! The room mom did candy necklaces - I thought they would be hard to make but the kids LOVED them!!
Bo and Bri have been hinting about wanting breakfast in bed for a while now - Mike and I told them we would FOR SURE on their birthdays! Mike and the kids have brought me breakfast in bed before with cute notes and flowers cut from the yard... Valentine's day was their turn - wine glasses and all! They were thrilled! They were both fake sleeping by the time we finished - we had to set the alarm to make it up before Bo! That Bo is an early riser! It was fun just to lay on Bri's bed and enjoy Valentine's morning with them!! :)
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Laura and her boys! said...

Breakfast in bed is such a cute idea. I made heart shaped french toast, but I made them come down. Should have brought it to them. Next year maybe:)

The one thing I hate about being a teacher is that I never get to be at the classroom parties:( Consider yourself lucky!