Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter Festivities

We decorated Easter eggs with Brad and Genis and their cute family this year! IT WAS A PARTY! We had camo, sparkly and tie dye'd eggs - I hard boiled about 6 dozen eggs in all! The HIT for Bo was the tie dyed and Bri liked the sparkly! The down point for Mom was when Bri sat in the GACK and it became permanently embeded in her skirt! BUMMER! I was surprised Bell didn't get into the dying more?!

Bella LOVED the hunt! We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt (thank you Weiland's - you do a SUPER job!) and despite a little rain it was GREAT! Bella didn't want to do it at first - but then Bo and Bri took her and led her around and soon enough she had caught right on!
Easter morning HIDE AND SEEK! This is one of the many empty cupboards in our laundry room - enough room for THREE cute Barben's!
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